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Core Faculty

Their long-standing philosophy is that to promote the MJ Education trust in the field of higher education and render social justice and social responsibility by giving a quality education coupled with ethics and morality for all the knowledge seekers across the Globe.

Silicon City Group of Institutions philosophy is that to strategically establish faculties of expertise systematically initiate and promote the institutions in research and development and identify the young researcher who becomes greater achiever in the field of education.

Silicon city group of institutions is devoted to provide education for all ages and walks of life as they become autonomous thinkers and be creative and be empathetic in providing quality education to the contemporary world.


SL No.  Name of the Faculty  Qualification    Department 
1  Dr.R Karunamoorthy  M.Com, Ph.D.  Director-Academics(Hon.) 
2  Dr. Rose Kavitha  MBA, M.Sc, Ph.D.  Director-Research 
3  Mr. C. Gnanesh  B.Com., MBA(FIN),(Ph.D)  Principal(SCC) 
4  Mrs Shivagami  MBA,M.Com,(Ph.D) Dean
5  Dr Shaktivelan  M.Com,Ph.D PG Coordinator
6  Mrs. Adilakshmamma .T  B.E, M.Tech   Principal(SCPUC)
7  Mrs. Meharbhanu Shaikh  B.E, M.Tech  Dept. of Electronics
8  Mr. Radhakrishna  M.Sc, M.Phil, MBA, (Ph.D)   Dept.of Statistics
9  Mrs. Deepthi Shirahatti  MBA (HR & MKTS), M.Phil HOD(DEGREE),Dept of Management
10  Mr. K.G. Rukkesh  M.A, B.Ed   Dept.of Hindi
11  Mr. B.A. Prakash  M.A in Kannada, NET   Dept.of Kannada
12  Mr. P. Muralidhara  M.Com, M.Phil, (Ph.D)   HOD(Degree)Dept.of Commerce
13  Mr. Muniraju K  M.COM   Dept.of Commerce
14  Mr. S. Imran Khan  M.Com   Dept.of Commerce
15  Mrs Madhavi  M.A in Economics   Dept.of Economics
16  Mr. K.R. Chidananda  Naik  M.A, B.Ed   Dept.of Hindi
17  Ms. Anjali Prasad  M.A  Dept.of English
18  Mr. Murali Krishna  M.B.A in Finance   Dept.of Commerce
19  Mrs. Sabira  M.Sc, B.Ed   Dept.of Biology
20  Mrs. Rashmashree  M.Sc in Physics, B.Ed  Dept.of Physics
21  Mrs. Pavithra R S  M.Sc Maths, M.Phil  Dept.of Mathematics
22  Mr. Kotur Balaji  M.Sc    HOD(Degree)Dept.of Computer  Science
23  Mr.Kiran  M.Com   Dept.of Commerce
24  Mrs. Roopadevi  M.A in Kannada,   Dept.of Kannada
25  Mrs. Vipitha K Sunny  M.A in History   Dept.of History
26  Mr. Somshekar  M.B.A    Dept.of Management
27  Ms Padmaja  M.Com   Dept.of Commerce
28  Ms. Nandini M  M.Sc in Maths   Dept.of  Mathematics
29  Ms. Ambika BM  M.Sc in Statistics   Dept.of  Statistics
30  Mr. Ravi HM  M.PED   Dept.of Physical Education
31  Mr.Govardhan  M.A, B.Ed  Dept.of Kannada
32  Mr. Bhadrinath  M.B.A     Dept.of Management
33  Mrs. Vasumathi  M.C.A     Dept.of Computer Science
34  Mrs. Jyothi Gupta  M.A     Dept.of English
35  Mrs. Bhavya  B.E     Dept.of Computer Science
36  Mrs. Supriya  M.Com   Dept.of Commerce  & Management
37  Ms. Ranjitha  M.Sc     Dept.of Chemistry